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  • The world's first Bluetooth-enabled programmable high powered LED flashlight
  • Program your flashlight the way you want it. Make it single-mode, 3 modes, or even 30 modes.
  • No messy cord to bring around and lose. No connection port to rust and break. Everything is wireless.
  • Preset and store multiple profiles on your favorite smart device and wirelessly upload a profile to your Asgards in seconds
  • Setup "morse code" modes without prior morse code knowledge
  • Comes with preset modes. Usable out of the box.
  • Free complimentary Android and Windows configuration app
  • 1052 lumens at 100% output mode
  • 8mA non-PWM moonlight
  • Non-PWM at 12.5% output intervals, 125KHz PWM at other levels
  • LED driven by eight 380mA AMC7135 drivers
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